Official APP

Setouchi Triennale 2022 Official Application
Making your art journey more convenient

We have developed an app so that visitors can enjoy their trip to the Seto Inland Sea more smoothly. Loaded with information on each of the artworks scattered across the islands of the Seto Inland Sea, and a route guidance from your location to the artwork. Even better, we have improved the app to make it run faster and more seamlessly than before. Please take advantage of our app as a companion for your art journey.

End of App distribution
  • Easy to follow navigation routes to the artworks

    The locations of the artworks dotting the islands are displayed on the map. Just tap the artwork you are interested in to look up the best route from your current location.

  • Art work information and recommended spots

    You can easily check the exhibition location and artwork information in the app by searching for the name of the artwork or artist you are interested in. There's also information on important facilities such as ports, information centers, as well as relevant places such as scenic spots.

  • Get push notifications for emergency information regarding the islands and traffic conditions.

    We will share emergency information about the islands as quickly as possible, such as closure of artworks due to bad weather and operation status of public transport systems (in particular, the ferry service).