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3-Season Passport

3-Season Passport can be used for the entire Triennale.

Sales Period


16 to 18 years old
Only purchasable onsite during the Triennale with ID.
15 and under
Admission free

(Excluding a few artworks & facilities)

Special Benefits

You can receive the following benefits by showing your Triennale Passport.

1.Discount on admission to Setouchi Triennale 2022 events.
2.Discounts at participacing cultural facilities and restaurants in Kagawa and Okayama prefectures.(Limited to the number of times)
3.Discoutns on Setouchi Triennale 2022 merchandise.
◎Limited to merchandise sold at the Triennale shops in Takamatsu Port and Naoshima(Miyanoura Port).
◎You will receive a 5% discount a maximum of one time※When you show your Triennale Passport.
4.Free parking at designated Triennale parking areas a maximum of one time※ depending on the type of Triennale Passport during the period of validity.
※Priority space will be reserved for people with disabilities, the elderly who need nursing care, and others who require special consideration for their mobility.
※Please note that for benefits 3 and 4, there is the limited to the number of times. The holders of single Season Passport can use benefit 3 for 1 time.


◎Measures to Prevent the Spread of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, we are implementing appropriate measures in accordance with Japanese government policy and the guidelines of related industries. We ask for your cooperation with these measures to ensure that everyone can enjoy the Setouchi Triennale safely.
Visitors with a fever or cold symptoms will not be allowed into Triennale sites or events.
Visitors may be asked to take their temperature or respond to questions about their health at Triennale sites.

If we receive a report that a visitor who visited the Triennale is suspected of having COVID-19 at that time, we will if requested by public authorities provide information from the app concerning ticket purchase, app use, etc. by the visitor.
*The above may change in accordance with changes in COVID-19 infections, government policy, etc. You will be notified of such changes via the app.

◎You cannot make reservations for viewings or for group admissions with the Triennale Passport.
◎This Passport is non-refundable and cannot be reissued.
◎We bear no responsiblity for Triennale Passports that are lost stolen, etc.
◎You may not resell this Passport for commercial gain under any circumstances.
◎If this Passport is wrongfully used, it shall be considered invalid and may be confiscated.
◎Failure to follow the instructions and warnings of staff or other personnel may result in the confiscation of this Passport.