2019.08.01 The charms of official tour D course (Uno port and Inujima)!

Official tour , which is a guided tour of the islands by chartered ships while watching new artworks of 2019.
We will introduce the charm of D course that travels around Uno Port and Inujima!

①New work appeared in Uno Port!
From the summer session, Noriyuki Haraguchi's artwork "Diagonal Composition 1 / Diagonal Composition 2 / Horizontal Composition" was exhibited at Uno station seaside park. This work, which looks like H steel, a huge heavy building material, is pulled by a wire and supported by an exquisite balance, is extremely powerful if you see it up close.

②Tamano-city "Tamaben" summer version!
"Tamaben," which is very popular for its pretty appearance and delicious taste, has become a summer menu mainly based on chirashi-zushi, which is related to the local dish "Barachishi" in Okayama. Even in the summer when your appetite loose, it is easy to eat.

③Enjoy art facilities and artworks in Inujima!
Participants can stay in Inujima for two and a half hours. In addition to the Inujima Seiren Museum , you can see the Inujima House Project carefully.

Please check the details and application for the tour from the Setouchi Triennale Tour Sales website.