2019.08.15 Due to the passing Typhoon #10,The Setouchi Triennale 2019 Artworks and Facilities will be open from August 16th

According to information of Typhoon #10 passing issued by the Takamatsu Meteorological Agency, from August 16th at 12:00pm (at 12:30pm Oshima), all Artworks and Facilities will be open except some Artworks and Facilities. Please see ”Exceptional Artworks and Facilities” below.

We will open Artworks and Facilities after having confirmed their safety. Also, depending on typhoon situation, the information may be changed. We will update the detailed information of each Artwork, Facility and Event through Urgent Information on our website, as things progress. Please do not get close to the Artworks because it is very dangerous during these closed hours.

More information about the Naoshima artwork and facility closing and opening can be found at the Benesse Art Site Naoshima, please check this website for further information. tk04 “Umitota” has a website, so please check it for further information.
*tk05 (Takamatsu Public Pool) and tk18 (Aji Ryuozan Park) will be open when the weather warning is not announced in Takamatsu area. As for tk15 (Shikoku Mura), please check Shikoku Mura website for further information.