Regina Silveira


1939 Born in Porto Alegre, Brazil
Graduated from Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) Fine Arts Institute
Master's degree, Ph.D. of ECA Art Department, University of San Paolo, Brazil
Art lecturer of Puerto Rico and San Paolo University.
Since the 70's, she started works of appropriation art with using photography. As multi-media artist, participated in Mail Art circuit, and created the artist book and textbook version etc. She is also a pioneer of video art in Brazil. Since 1980, she has been known as a seeker of satirical perspectives and shadows, based on spatial curvature by anamorphosis projection. Her works are used a variety of materials and media, ranging from prints, objects, videos, installations, and plan-drawing. And reflecting nature, space and her experience at the same time became the center of her artwork.
Many recent works are expanded to the field of architectural interiors and facades, and it can be said to be an enhanced version of her graphic experience.
Since the 60's, she has held solo exhibitions and group exhibitions in Brazil and participated in numerous international biennials (San Paolo, Taipei, Havana, Potsnan, Curitiba)