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PHOTO:Shintaro Miyawaki

Setouchi Girls' Theater


The story of Setouchi―Awashima ed.ー

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Slipping back in time to the maritime training school

Girls, and women who were once girls, who grew up in the Seto Inland Sea area perform The Story of Awashima Sailor School, an interactive theater production.
Auditions were open to local people, and the play is set in Japan’s first school to train sailors.

Draft / Composition: Fram Kitagawa

Direction: Mari Miyoshi (Uchinku Plan), Satoka Ogaki

Performers: Girls who grew up in the Seto Inland Sea and former girls
Production: Naomi Sonoda, Keiko Yokoyama (Uchinku Plan)

Event Information

Awashima, Community Area
Around Awashima Marine Memorial Hall
10.05/SAT , 10.12/SAT , 10.19/SAT , 10.26/SAT , 11.02/SAT
①10:00~11:30 ②12:15~13:45
Admission Advance Ticket: 2,500 yen
Today's ticket: 3,000 yen
Passport holder:2,800 yen
elementary school to high school students: 1,500 yen( Both advance ticket and today's ticket)
Notes ※Give 2 performances a day
※* Reception opens at Suda Port 30 minutes before each performance.
※Meals included
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